Nerd Pick Up Lines

So called “Nerds” are notoriously thought of to have a hard time picking up a lady.  Maybe these will help??

  • Baby you turn my floppy disk…into a hard drive.
  • It’s not the length of the vector that counts…it’s how you apply the force.
  • You must be the square root of two..’cause I feel irrational around you.
  • You’re a photon quanta to my valence electron..You excite me to another level.
  • If I was an endoplasmic reticulum, how would you want me…smooth or rough?
  • I wish I was Adenine…then I could get paired with you.
  • Your bosons…they give me a hadron.
  • I wish I was your differential equation homework..because then I’d be really hard and you’d be doing me on your desk.
Nerd Pick Up Lines Wolowitz Meme

Nerd Pick Up Lines Wolowitz Meme

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